Sycamore Student Handbook


Children are why we are here. Each and every child has the right to learn, to play, to laugh, to dream, to love, to dissent, to reach upward, and to be himself. Our children need to be treated as human beings-exquisite, complex, and elegant in their diversity. They must be made to feel that the world is waiting for their sunrise, and that their education heralds the rebirth of an 'Age of Wonder.' Then, surely, the children of tomorrow will be more flexible, more adventurous, more daring, and courageous than we are, and better equipped to search for truth, each in his own way.


There has been an elementary school in the Sycamore community of Putnam County since 1876. The current site was first used in the 1920's. The first brick building was constructed in 1939. Additions to this building have come in 1952, 1964, 1974, and 1981. Sycamore became "full size" in 1974 when enough classrooms and teachers were added to qualify for a supervising principal.


Sycamore Elementary is committed to the total education of each individual student. Classes and activities are provided for intellectual, physical, social and emotional development. The curriculum is designed to meet minimum guidelines set by the Tennessee State Department of Education. Students are exposed to many additional activities designed to enrich and develop an awareness in their lives. Our aim is to instill in each child an appreciation of integrity, knowledge, and intellectual curiosity throughout life. We believe this aim can best be achieved through a child's direct personal interactions with his environment and fellow human beings. The role of Sycamore teachers is to assist, counsel, motivate, and evaluate during these interactions.

All students must comply with all policies and procedures of the Putnam County Schools and Sycamore Elementary School. All SES policies and procedures are aligned with PCS polices.

Academic Assistance: Academic Assistance is offered in the academic content areas before

and/or after school. Specific dates, times and locations will be announced and posted.

Accidents: Every accident in the school building, on the school grounds, at practice sessions, or
at any event sponsored by the school must be reported immediately to the person in charge
and to the school office. Necessary documentation will be completed concerning the accident.
School insurance is available from the Putnam County School District upon request.
Activities: A variety of clubs and school-sponsored activities and programs exist. Students are
encouraged to participate in these activities. SES is continuing the process of developing and implementing a diverse program of student activities.

Appointments: The administration and staff make every attempt to be accessible to our

    students, parents and community. In order to ensure time and accessibility, please make an appointment in advance with the individual staff member to set a specific date, time, and location to meet

Arrival/Dismissal Policy: If you are going to pickup or drop off your child, we ask that you use all

    the care necessary to save someone’s life.
    Please NO cell phone use during drop-off/pick-up. Children should be in proper child safety seats. We must report any violations of the child restraint law to the proper authorities.
    1. The rear of the building is for buses. Please do not deliver children to school in the bus area.
    For PK Parents: For safety reasons, when picking up children at the rear of the building, please park in a parking space, and come inside the building to get your child.
    2. The front of the building is for children who ride in an automobile or walk.
    3. Please form one lane (next to sidewalk) when delivering or picking up children. Unless it is
    raining, please pull up to the end of the sidewalk to help us load more students. Let children
    enter or exit the auto on the passenger (right) side only. This is essential for safety
    4. When delivering students in the mornings, please unload 5 or 6 cars at the same time as this will speed up traffic considerable. Children should walk to and from automobiles.
    5. Any parent desiring to enter the building mornings, afternoons, or during the day should use a marked space, and not park in the loading/unloading lane next to the sidewalk. Please
    observe the one-way traffic at the front and rear of the building. After exiting your vehicle, please walk to the front of your vehicle and walk to the appropriate crosswalk to cross traffic. For everyone’s safety, no one should walk behind vehicles (in the front parking lot) to enter our building.
    6. Please drive extremely slow anytime you are in school paved areas.
    7. The west side entrance by the horseshoe driveway is for buses or parents of handicapped
    students only. Do not block this driveway.
    8. A number will be assigned to each car or car pool of afternoon car riders. This number must be displayed each time you pick up students. Students are made aware of their numbers,
    and will be grouped by numbers as they wait for their ride.
    9. Parents who wish to park in the church parking lot should meet their child INSIDE the main entrance to school at 2:55. Other students will wait in the computer lab room and will exit to the sidewalk through the door facing the school entrance. Please have your child’s number visible for faculty or staff to verify.
    10. Children will not be allowed to return to classrooms while waiting on their ride. If
    homework, etc. is forgotten, parents should park their car and accompany their child back
    into the building to get forgotten homework etc. Please do not hold up the line by waiting in
    line for your child to return to the classroom.
    11. Dismissal begins at 2:55; all students should be picked up by 3:15. Please observe instructions from and cooperate with teachers stationed in front of the building.

Attendance: Regular attendance is essential for promotion and success in schoolwork. When an

    absence is necessary, it is the student’s responsibility to see that his/her work is made up in a
    period of time defined by the teacher in accordance with the class that was missed. An
    excused absence is merely an opportunity to make up the work. An unexcused absence may
    result in a student not being allowed to make up work. Excused absences are granted for student sickness, sickness in the immediate family, a doctor or dentist appointment, a death in the immediate family, religious observances, petitioned court appearances, and trips over which the student has no control. Parents should notify the administration in advance before taking students out of school for an extended number of days. Parents should also notify the school office when their child is absent. A student may have 5 excused absences with a parent note per semester (2 nine weeks); after that a doctor’s note is required or the absence will be considered unexcused. The note should contain the student’s name, grade, date(s) and reason for absence(s), and the parent or guardian’s signature and contact number. The note should be given to your child’s teacher by 8:00 a.m. Failure to bring an absentee note will result in an unexcused absence. Unexcused early dismissals and tardies will be counted toward truancy. Exception: If a suspension occurs during the last ten days of any term, the student shall be permitted to complete required work and/or exams. Five (5) unexcused absences will result in truancy reporting to the county attendance officer, Mr. Corby King. Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds at any time during the school day without permission from the school office. In case of accident, illness, or appointment, a parent or approved contact must check the student out through the attendance office before the student can leave. Identification will be required. Students may not be dismissed over the phone. When returning to school, students must check back in at the attendance office prior to going to class. Please arrange to check out during the change of classes to avoid disruption to the instructional process. Students should stay in school if at all possible. Students will not be called for dismissal until parent is present to sign them out – NO CALL AHEAD DISMISSALS. Doctor and dentist appointments should be after school whenever possible. Parents should not request early dismissal each day to avoid traffic. The state now requires a minute-by-minute accounting of absence from school.
      Bicycles, Skateboards, Rollerblades, and Scooters: Bicycles are to be parked in a designated area upon arrival at school and are not to be used until the end of the school day. NO skateboards, rollerblades, or scooters are allowed at school.
      Birthday Book Donations: Donating a library book in honor of your child on the occasion of his/herbirthday is another celebration idea. Birthday books will be labeled with your child's name and picture and placed in the school library. Please see Mrs. Clark for specific guidelines.

Birthday Celebrations: So that we don't undermine the smart nutrition habits that children are being

    taught at home and school, birthday celebration guidelines have been adopted at Sycamore
    School. These guidelines will prevent children with food allergies and other medical conditions from being exposed to items that can cause reactions. It will also reduce the
    unnecessary calories, sugar and fat that are involved in traditional birthday treats.
    Families may celebrate their child's birthday at school using the following guidelines:
    • Notify your child's teacher that you want to recognize your child's birthday at school.
    • Send a healthy morning snack for the class to enjoy on or around your child's birthday.
    • Suggestions for the morning snack might include: pretzels, string cheese, pre-cut fruit,
    crackers, cereal bars, and trail mix.
    We do not allow private birthday party invitations to be distributed at school. It is the parent’s responsibility to mail/distribute these invitations off of school campus.
    Please do not bring birthday party supplies, cupcakes etc. to your child’s classroom without consulting with your child’s teacher first. For the safety/health of all students, all birthday food/drink items need to be purchased at the store. We have several students with allergies to certain foods. We always try to keep disruptions in the classrooms to a minimum. Therefore, balloons, flowers, or other similar gifts will need to be left in the office.

Bullying: According to Tennessee Code Annotated Section 49-6-1014 through 49-6-1019 and

    Putnam County School Board Policy 6.304, Sycamore Elementary School will provide
    a safe environment for student learning. Bullying should be reported immediately to a
    teacher, counselor, staff member or administration. An investigation will be conducted
    by complaint manager and/or administration, and consequences will be determined.

Bus Policy: Doors to the school will remain locked until 7:15 a.m. At 7:15 a.m.

    NO student should be dropped off before 7:15 a.m.
    All students are to report to the gym first before eating breakfast and remain until dismissal
    to academic area at 7:50 a.m. Walkers, car riders, and early bus riders will be released at 3:00, and the late bus riders will follow. All students riding buses are under the authority of the bus driver. Students are under the supervision of the school system from the time they board the bus until they are dropped off in the afternoon. While on the bus, students will comply with the bus driver’s rules. The bus river has the responsibility for safety. Parents or guardians will be held financially responsible for deliberate destruction of bus property. Riding a school bus is a privilege extended to students and can be taken away any time for disruptive or unsatisfactory conduct. Any acts of misconduct toward the bus driver while the student is on or off the bus will be dealt with by the school administration.
    Consequences may be as follows:
    1st offense – Warning
    2nd offense – Parent conference
    3rd offense and all other offenses: Removal from bus
    Administrators reserve the right to issue discipline according to the severity of the offense.
Students must bring a note to their homeroom teacher that has been signed by their parents/guardians and a phone number to reach the parent/guardian during the school day if they are to ride any bus other than their normal bus. No student will be allowed to ride a bus other than his/her own without this verified documentation. Students may be denied this privilege due to overcrowded buses. If you have a concern about a bus situation you may call Supervisor of Transportation at 526-9342.

ALL car riders MUST be picked up no later than 3:15 p.m. Those students who remain will be assigned to the after school program. Parents then must enter building to sign out student through the attendance office.

    Cafeteria/Child Nutrition Program:
    SES offers a balanced, nutrition based breakfast and lunch program for all students. Through a community grant, all students will be allowed to eat free breakfast and lunch for the 15/16 school year. Parents are allowed to eat lunch with their child. Please sign in at the front office and sit at the provided parent table. Food products will be allowed in classroom settings as approved in advance by the teacher. All expectations and rules for appropriate behavior will be strictly enforced in the cafeteria. Students will use the last four digits of their social security number to use their account. Students may select additional food items for purchase. Students are expected to deposit all lunch litter in trash, Return all trays and utensils to the dishwashing area, leave the table and floor around seat in a clean condition, line up in single file, stay in place in line, food outside of cafeteria, stay seated at a table after receiving food except to take back tray, and be sure to purchase all food items when going through the line. Assigned seating, detention, cleaning of cafeteria, and other administrative punishment will be issued for not following cafeteria policies.

    Car Riders (Drop-off and Pick-up): Car riders should be dropped off and picked up in the parking lot by the front entrance. Teachers will be standing safety guard in the morning and afternoons. Parents are encouraged to follow the signals from school personnel regarding traffic flow. The safety of your child is our number one concern at all times.

Cell phones and Electronic Devices: All personal electronic devices are not allowed to be used

    during school or on school premises, nor does the school assume any responsibility should
    these items be brought and lost, damaged, or stolen. Students will not be permitted to have
    tape players, electronic games, laser pointers, beepers, cell phones, CD players, radios,
    pagers, water guns, shock devices, or any other device that may interfere with the
    educational process. Students are not allowed to bring items to sell or trade (candy, gum,
    sports cards, etc.) unless it is a school sponsored fund raiser.
    Change of Address: Please notify the office of address or telephone number changes immediately.
    Chewing Gum, Candy, Food and Drinks: Gum is not allowed at school. No food, drinks or candy is allowed in the classrooms unless approved in advance by the teacher.

Class Preparation: Students are required to do thoughtful, accurate, quality work. Students are

    required to come to each class prepared for learning with the necessary materials and
    assigned work completed. In order to promote independence, parents are encouraged to allow their student to pack and unpack their belongings on their own. The school day starts
    as soon as announcements begins, and we asked that parents help us protect instruction time
    by exiting the classrooms before 8:00 a.m. to allow teachers to begin the day. We strongly suggest that parents of kindergarten students begin allowing your child to walk to his/her classroom by themselves in a timely manner. Students in grades 1st-4th should be expected to walk to their rooms by themselves and prepare their own materials/supplies for the day.

Code of Conduct: Students are responsible for behavior, and SES is consistent with consequences of rule violations. All students and parents should become familiar with and adhere to all aspects of the following Code of Conduct which is based on the PCS conduct policies and procedures, common sense, consideration, and respect for self and others. The requirements of the Code of Conduct shall apply equally to all SES students and shall be enforced in a consistent, fair, and non-discriminatory manner. Each student will be held accountable for strict adherence to the Code of Conduct on school property before, during, and after school hours; at all school related events; and all phases of student transportation. The Code of Conduct is not intended to include every responsibility of school personnel as specified by federal and state law or PCS Board policy. Nor can it address every possible behavior, which may occur in a school setting. The additional classroom rules and procedures covering minor infractions and the appropriate consequences shall be considered desirable as well as necessary in fully implementing the code. Disciplinary records are kept on file. All Putnam County policies will be followed concerning discipline, and student rights and responsibilities as provided by PCS policy and procedures will be covered under this code. Putnam County
School system implements a zero tolerance policy. SES has implemented a detailed
discipline structure with appropriate ranges of disciplinary action for inappropriate behaviors.
SES has developed and implemented a progressive disciplinary structure that matches a
series of disciplinary actions with specific code infractions. At any time the principal,
assistant principal of their designee may assign a more sever disciplinary action of the
severity of the infraction warrants. Disregard for the student Code of Conduct may result in any one or a combination of disciplinary actions.

Dress Code: The SES Dress Code is in compliance with the PCS Dress Code/policy.

    Student dress will be expected to meet community standards of cleanliness, healthfulness, and safety and shall not disrupt the educational process. Guidelines: If in doubt, do not wear item to school.
    Parent and Student Responsibility:
    The parent and student will be responsible for ensuring that the student is in compliance with
    all aspects of this code when the student enters the school premises and during the time the student is on school premises during the regular school hours. No apparel, accessory (i.e., jewelry), or any mode of appearance may display, advertise, or denote any of the following:
    1. Gang affiliation or gang sign(s)
    2. Alcohol or tobacco products
    3. Profanity or vulgarity
    4. Drugs and/or drug paraphernalia; including any related themes
    5. Sexual theme or symbols
    6. Racist overtures; hate themes or symbols
    7. Themes of death or destruction
    8. Violent, aggressive, or combative themes
    9. Other suggestive or offensive sayings or graphics-as determined by the principal.
    Dress Standards:
    1. Soled footwear must be worn. No flip-flops.
    2. The following items are among those not permitted:
    a. Hats, caps, knits caps, or bandannas. (These items are not to be worn on school
    grounds. These items will be confiscated.); accommodations may be made for
    documented religious or medical reasons.
    b. Any clothing revealing the midriff, lower back, or cleavage; no bare skin may be
    visible while standing or sitting.
    c. Sunglasses (Accommodations may be made for documented medical reasons.)
    d. Spaghetti straps are not allowed.
    e. No undergarments may be visible at any time.
    3. Pants, shorts, skirts, etc. must be size appropriate and be worn at the waistline.
    4. Shorts, skirts/skorts, and dresses (including any slit) must be at the length of 3 inches
    above the top of the knee.
    5. No bare shoulders, low-cut necklines and/or backs (no spaghetti strap tops).
    6. Tennis shoes must be worn during Physical Education class.
    7. No writing on skin or clothing.
    8. Heelies (roller shoes) are not permitted.
    Grooming Standards:
    1. Hairstyles are to be moderate, clean, kept and of natural color.
    Startling and/or extreme hairstyles (i.e., spiked, Mohawk, dyed with an unnatural
    color/tint, etc. are unacceptable.)
    2. No visible tattoos.
    3. Piercing of the ears is acceptable. No other facial, tongue, spacers or visible body
    piercing is acceptable.
    Coats/Jackets/Outer Garments
    Coats, jackets, and/or other outer garments may be worn to school. However, storage of such
    items will be addressed by the school administration. Length of any outer garments will be
    no longer that mid thigh.
    No backpacks with roller will be acceptable without medical permission or by approval from school administration. These standards of dress and grooming do not prohibit the principal from allowing special celebrations that involve variations in dress and grooming. Stricter standards may be imposed upon a student with three or more dress code violations. Discipline of dress code may include warning, parent notification to bring appropriate clothing, student sent home for proper clothing, conference, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension and other disciplinary actions deemed necessary by administration. (Policy 6.310).

    Early Dismissals/Tardies: Any parent who wishes to pick up his/her child before normal dismissal

      time must sign the child out in the office. Please check out students early only when they are
      sick or for essential reasons. If person picking up child is not the parent, said person MUST
      be on the pick up list AND provide a photo I.D. Any person not on the pick up list will NOT
      be allowed to check out students. Arrangements must be made prior to the student's departure
      by the parents/guardians. This can be by telephone or by note. Please allow 5-10 minutes for
      the student to get from the classroom to the office.

Emergency Procedures: Periodic fire, safety, and severe storm drills will be run throughout the school year. Teachers have been properly trained and advised concerning evacuation procedures for safety areas. Classroom teachers will go over these procedures with their students and keep them posted in the classroom. Our top priority is the safety of our students.

Enrolling and Withdrawing from School: Before students can be enrolled at SES, the following

    will be required:
      1. A transfer from the previous school
      2. A record of immunizations. Out of-state students must have a Tennessee Certificate of immunization which can be obtained from the Putnam County Health Department before entering school; in-state students have thirty (30) days to provide the school with proof of immunization.
      3. A grade card for the present school year and/or a transcript of all work from the previous school, which includes recent achievement test scores. Any student who is planning to withdraw must have a parent/guardian come to the office for correct procedures and completion of paper work. Students are expected to meet all obligations (return of books, payment of fees and/or fines) before withdrawing.

Fees: Fees are determined by the Putnam County Board of Education. According to the

    Tennessee Internal School Uniform Accounting Policy Manual, all fees and other monies
    collected must be for the exact amount. Checks may not be written for extra monies nor
    can multiple amounts be included in one check. Change cannot be given.

Field Trips: Extension of the classroom is encouraged. The field trip must be of educational value.

    A field trip permission slip is available in the student packet for parent signature and is referred to throughout the year by all teachers and administration as permission for in-county field trips. Communication with parents concerning time, place, travel, purpose, price and sponsors are on an event by event basis by the teacher sponsor of the trip. All school board policies and school expectations are implemented during the school trip. All overnight and/or out-of-state trips must be submitted to Director of Schools and approved by School Board.

Grading and Reporting: Students will receive grade reports each nine weeks to present to

    parents for their review. Grades are in numerical form. The countywide grading scale is as follows:
    Kindergarten: Grades 1 and 2 Grades 3 and 4
    Progress Report E = Excellent A = 93-100
    G = Good B = 85-92
    S = Satisfactory C = 75-84
    N = Needs Improvement D = 70-74
    U = Below 70

    Progress reports and report cards will be issued to students to take home for parents at the
    designated dates determined by Central Office. Progress reports will be distributed at 4 ½
    week intervals, and report cards are distributed at nine-week intervals.

Guidance: Guidance services are provided to help each student with educational, social,

    vocational, and personal development. The counselor is in the guidance office daily.
    Conferences with students receive the counselor's first consideration and are scheduled
    when needed. The counselor may assist the student: in recommending materials to
    improve study habits, in planning the school program, in making realistic curriculum
    selections and suitable plans for the future, in offering aid in adjustment problems;
    and in offering mediation for conflict resolution. Students wishing to visit the counselor
    should contact the guidance office and arrange for an appointment. Parents may contact
    the school if they wish to set up an appointment with the guidance counselor.
Hall Courtesy: Keep halls open to traffic by walking to the right. Pass through halls quietly. Be considerate of others in the halls as well as the classrooms. Discard trash in the containers provided. Keep the school clean by picking up papers from the floors.

Head Lice: Sycamore Elementary School follows the Putnam County Schools board policy concerning head lice. (Board Policy 6.4031)

Honor Roll: The Honor Roll will be announced for each nine weeks grading period. To be eligible for Honor Roll, a student must receive all A/Es, all B/Gs, or All A/Es and B/Gs.

Internet/Technology: All students will be required to read and sign an Internet use agreement in order to have access to school computers. Access to the Internet is provided to students as an educational resource and a privilege. Failure to observe the expectations set forth in the acceptable use policy may result in a loss of access to the Internet as well as any other appropriate disciplinary and/or legal actions.
Insurance: Information concerning school accident insurance is sent home on registration day.
Participation is the decision of the parent.


    The library has books, magazines, pamphlets, and audio-visual materials for assigned study and recreational reading. All students have access to the SES library through activities involving an entire class, and before and after school. Library privileges may be lost when students do not behave properly. Students are responsible for all materials checked out for two (2) weeks. Fees may be implemented for overdue materials. The library circulation is done on computer.

Lost and Found: Students' clothing, which is labeled with their name, makes it possible for easy

    identification and return. Students who find lost articles are asked to take them to the office/gym where their owner can claim them. Articles turned into the office and not claimed will be donated to charity at the end of each term.

Make-up Work: The opportunity to make up missed assignments, class work, and tests resulting

    from an absence is based upon an excused absence. All missed work and tests from an excused absence may be made up in a timely manner, provided the student has satisfied all school board policies regarding attendance. Unless a student is absent for an extended period of time, make up work will be given to a student when the student returns from being absent. Please refrain from calling the office and requesting make-up work be ready at 3:00. Teachers are busy instructing students, and cannot stop to gather work.

Medication: Any medication that a child must take during the school day must be delivered by an

    adult in its original container and must be dispensed from the school office. Parents should
    fill out a form for any medication taken at school. Students should NEVER carry or keep
    medication in their desks, backpacks, lunch boxes, or clothes. Please keep teachers informed
    about your child’s medications. Keeping the teacher up to date regarding their medications
    will help to ensure smooth transitions from home to school. Specific guidelines of the state
    and Putnam County School System are itemized in the health handout enclosed with this

Parent Conferences:

    Sycamore Elementary School encourages communication with teachers. We encourage parents of a student with a problem to call their child’s teacher or the school counselor to schedule a conference. The guidance counselor and administration are also available to help resolve difficulties. Two dates for Parent Conferences are set aside by the School Board each school year.

Parent Volunteers:

Parents who have time available for volunteer work are encouraged to do so. Parent volunteers are needed to do clerical duties for teachers, tutoring of students, library assistance, and teacher assistance. Any person wishing to become involved as a volunteer should complete a volunteer sheet and confidentiality form. Contact the school secretary for more information.

Physical Education: Physical Education is part of the encore rotation and is only excused with written request of a family physician. The physician's excuse should note the student's physical limitations in sufficient detail for development of an adaptive physical education program. Students should not leave valuables in the gym or other areas used as a physical education classroom.

Physical Education Rules:

    The following rules are made for your child’s safety:
    1. Students will please wear tennis shoes. or soft squeezable sole shoes. Please refrain from
    wearing sandals, rubber spikes, or dress shoes to P.E. Class.
    2. Long dresses can be dangerous for activities in P.E. Shorts may be worn under dresses
    3. When inside, hard sole shoes and sandals will be taken off, and socks will also be removed
    for your child’s safety.
    4. If your child has had an illness and must be excused from P.E. Class, please send an excuse
    signed by a doctor or parent as to the condition and length of the excuse.
    5. If your child has ANY physical problems that we need to be aware of such as: allergies,
    diabetes, asthma, heart condition, or epilepsy, please write a note or have your doctor.

Playground Rules:

    The playground is the area of the school where the highest frequency of accidents occur. For
    this reason, the standards of behavior and the rules listed below must be followed:
    1. Walk to and from play area and building when clear of traffic.
    2. Climbing trees, backstop, or fences are not permitted.
    3. Fighting, playing with sticks or rocks, pushing someone on equipment, or other dangerous
    play are not permitted.
    4. Only one person is allowed to swing at a time.
    5. Pushing someone in a swing, waiting in front of or behind swings, and jumping out of
    swings are not permitted.
    6. Only one person is allowed to slide down the slide at a time, and only feet first.
    7. Walking up the slide is not permitted.
    8. Children may leave the playground area only with permission from their teacher.

Promotion of Students: The professional staff will place students at the grade level best suited

    to them academically, socially and emotionally. Retentions may be made when, in the judgment of the teacher, such retentions are in the best interest of the students. Decisions to retain are subject to review and approval of the principal after consultation with the teacher.

PTO: Sycamore Elementary School PTO is an organization of parents to support the school.

    Membership is open to every parent or legal guardian of a SES student, as well as SES
    faculty and staff. Parents are urged to help their children with homework and join in school
    activities. Please become a part of our Parent Teacher Organization as this plays an integral
    role in our school.

Report Cards: A regular report is given to students to take home at nine week intervals during the

    year. Cards are to be signed by parents and returned within three days. Kindergarten cards will begin with the second nine weeks. There will be a replacement charge for lost cards.

Safety and Emergency Plan: The Sycamore Elementary School Safety Plan is located in the office. Fire, safety, and tornado drills are held at regular intervals as required by law. It is essential that everyone take immediate, appropriate action when emergency signals are given. Each classroom teacher will provide specific instructions for the students.

School Age Child Care: Before and after school day care is provided for Sycamore students. There

    is a charge for this service. If you are interested in enrolling your child, please check in the
    school office for information or contact the S.A.C. You can also get further information from
    the SAC website at

School Clinic: The clinic is located in the office area. The school nurse will assist students with

    temperatures, injuries, illnesses, and prescribed medication. If, after a short period of time,
    illnesses do not improve, parents will be contacted to pick up their child. It is important that
    we have current phone numbers. If you have changes in phone numbers, or in persons to contact in emergencies, please contact the school immediately.

School Closing and Early Dismissal: During periods of inclement weather, it may be necessary to close school, delay the starting time or dismiss early. School Messenger recordings, local radio stations as well as local TV station Channel 7 will broadcast announcements regarding school closing or schedule changes.

School Insurance: A group accident insurance policy is available to all members of the student body for a nominal fee when school activities begin each year.

Section 504: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a civil rights statute which

    provides that: “No otherwise qualified individual with handicaps in the United States
    shall, solely by reason for his/her handicap, be excluded from the participation in, be
    denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity.”
Special Education Services: SSS offers an individualized program of special services to
    eligible students whose educational progress is hindered by physical handicap, emotional
    disabilities, and/or learning disabilities. The program for each student is planned by a
    multi-disciplinary team consisting of a school administrator or designee, a special education teacher, a regular education teacher, any other necessary school personnel, parents or legal guardian, and the student (when appropriate). Special education classesand/or services are provided for students who have been certified for the programaccording to the results of an evaluation process administered by qualified personnel.

Standards of Behavior: The students at Sycamore Elementary are expected to maintain a high

    standard of conduct at all times so that the school environment will be conducive for
    maximum learning. One of the most important lessons education should teach self-discipline.
    Discipline is the training that develops self-control, character, orderliness, and efficiency. It is the key to good conduct and proper consideration for other people. We believe in helping students develop self-discipline and self-restraint, which will make them a better person and the school a more effective place of learning. Generally, our rules come under one of four areas.
      *Students will not be allowed to physically or verbally abuse other students.
      *Students will show respect for school and property.
      *Students will show respect for all adults and authority.
      *Students will follow the rules established for good social and health habits.
    Consequences: Students who do not obey these rules will receive disciplinary action appropriate for the seriousness and frequency of the offense. Failure of a student to comply
    with school and classroom rules results in disciplinary action appropriate for the seriousness
    and frequency of the offense. Minor infractions usually result in “time out” or loss of a privilege. Occasionally when students “push the limits” on behavior, they are required to stay
    in detention during recess or in extreme cases, after school. School Board Policy allows
    students to be detained up to one hour after school with a 24-hour notice to parents. Parents
    will be notified about the persistent or serious discipline problems, and will be expected to
    help work out a plan for correcting the problem.

Student Concerns and Complaints: Conflicts between students such as disagreements, bullying,

    name-calling, intimidation, or any other potential conflict(s) that could result in a physical confrontation and/or could reasonably be considered to cause emotional distress should be reported to a school official immediately. Students are expected to resolve all conflicts in a non-violent, non-threatening, non-demeaning way. Decisions made by school personnel such as assistant principals, teachers, or teacher assistants which student’s believe are unfair or in violation of pertinent policies of the board or individual school rules may be appealed to the principal or a designated representative. Procedures to appeal can be obtained from the principal or counselor.

Student Harassment/Discrimination – Grievance Procedures:

    Filing a Complaint: Any student who wishes to file a discrimination/harassment
    grievance against another student or an employee of the district may file a written or oral
    (recorded if possible) complaint with a complaint manager. Students may also report an
    allegation of discrimination/harassment to any teacher or other adult employed in the
    school who shall inform a complaint manager of the allegation. The complaint should
    include the following information: identity of the alleged victim and person accused;
    location, date, time, and circumstances surrounding the alleged incident; identity of
    witnesses; and any other evidence available. Detailed procedures for the investigation and decision and appeal procedures may be obtained from the complaint managers in the school.

Student Records per Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA):

    A cumulative record shall be kept for each student enrolled in school. The folder shall contain a health record, attendance record, and academic record; shall be kept current; and shall

    accompany the student through his/her school career. Specific requirements of this law

    can be obtained from the school office.

    Supplies: At the beginning of the year, classroom teachers will notify parents as to specific supplies

    that will be needed.

Tardies: Students are expected to report to all classes on time. The tardy policy is effective for

    first block as well as throughout the day including encore and advisory periods. Number occurrences are per semester. Teachers will record absences and tardies in the class roll book. Juvenile court recognizes this as the official record of student attendance. If a student is remanded to court for attendance issues and the parent disputes our claims, copies of the roll book will be provided to the court. Tardies one through three (the first three tardies) is handled at the discretion of the teacher through classroom rules and consequences. Upon the fourth tardy, student is sent for administrative discipline. Student is referred to the county attendance supervisor upon the eighth tardy. Parents/guardians should be aware that signing students in does not constitute an excused tardy. Excessive tardies will result in disciplinary action. All absences/tardies are unexcused until appropriate verification is presented to the attendance clerk.

Telephone: Students are expected to come to school prepared. All arrangements for transportation, money, assignments, books, materials, etc. should be made prior to arriving at school. Messages received from parents and family members will be delivered to students during non-instructional time. Students will not be called out of class for a message, unless it is an emergency situation. Office phones may be used by a student in the case of an emergency. Emergencies are for sickness, requests to go home (not for forgotten items or social engagements.)

Textbooks: Textbooks are furnished by the state and are issued at the beginning of the year. State law requires that lost or damaged textbooks be paid for before records will be released. A textbook agreement form is required for parent signature.

Use of the Building: Community groups wishing to use school facilities must have approval of the principal. A contract/application must be signed, and custodial fees must be paid.

Visitor Policy: Parents are always welcome at Sycamore Elementary School. For the protection of our students, all visitors must report directly to the Main Office upon arrival to the SES campus. Any person wishing to visit an area beyond the office area must be approved to be in the building, wear a visitor badge, sign in and out, and comply with all visitation requirements. The school reserves the right to deny or discontinue visitation privileges at any time to any individual.

Walkers: Walkers are advised to use the sidewalk to and from school in a safe, orderly manner.

If you are withdrawing your child from school, please come by and fill out the necessary paperwork. These forms are usually required for enrollment in another school. All textbooks, library books and other school property must be returned in usable condition. All money owed in the cafeteria must also be paid.

Withholding Grade Cards: Grade cards may be withheld at the end of the school year for students who fail to meet their obligations.

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